Monday, April 26, 2010

Multi purpose :p

This isn't just a bucket from the girls' beach toys collection. It is a super useful item for us. It's also for throwing up in. Not me of course. The girls. Whoever is sick at the time will have this bucket nearby at or on her bed to facilitate easy and mess free barfing. There's nothing I dislike more than cleaning up vomit stained bedsheets and I'm sure my maid feels the same way. Lol :p it's just the right size and really, it's way easier than making your kid run for dear life for the bathroom. They always never make it. Once they throw up in it, all u do is empty it into the toilet and wash it up. Easy! I've been using the beach bucket cum barf bucket idea since Claudia was a toddler. Er, in fact I think it's the same bucket all along. Hahah!

So yeah, it's a really wonderful toy. U can take it to the beach, u can tote your toys around in it and yes, you can vomit in it. What more can u ask?!

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