Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dictation sucks

Argh. Lauren having dictation every Tuesday is such a pain. I don't think I ever had Dictation in kindy. What the hell!
These are the 3 sentences next week.

1. Steamed pau with minced chicken.
2. Spices are the heart of Indian cooking.
3. Laksa is the most famous dish in Malaysia.

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Snowymum said...

Wow, Sam I nvr had dictation back in my time. Btw, any idea why there is "pau" in english dictation? Shouldn't it be "bun"?

kristalangel said...

yeah, man. neither did I .. only in primary school.
Yeap, I have no idea why they didn't change it to "bun". I know that it's from a book they're reading on Singapore culture, but I would assume they would change the "pau" to "bun" ..

Aurorin said...

Since when is laksa Malaysia's most famous dish? heh heh but, no.. i most certainly did not have dictation when i was in Kindy!