Friday, September 30, 2011

My cheeky almost 3 year old

Calista: Lauren, this is you bag!

Automatically, I correct her ..

Me: Calista, it's "your" bag .. (Making sure I put emphasis on the word "your")

Calista: My bag? (her eyes were round - cos she thought I was giving her the said bag)

Me: No, it's not "my" bag .. It's "your" bag not "you" bag.

Calista: my bag? It's my bag?

Ok, I gave up. Fine, let her say "you" then. Its not hurting anyone.

She's very cheeky and now that she's more articulate, she has all sorts of things to say. She tells me she's happy, she tells me who beats her, she tells me who to scold or cane. Lol!

Calista: Mummy, Elly (she can't say "Emily" yet) beat me. Scold Elly. (sometimes she says "cane"). I don't have to cane immediately just agree to do it. Haha!

Look at the cheeky face :p

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