Monday, January 30, 2012

My firstborn turns 13!

Yes, sadly ... I am now a mother of a TEEN. Yes, I am old. Lol.

Claudia, my 1.8kg when she was born baby turned 13 years of age on the 27th of Jan ... She was really sweet and requested I bake her her favourite cheesecake instead of a store bought cake (which we were all getting sick of eating .. Lol!)

And today .. While Claudia was attending Sunday School for the older kids .. And they had a lunch gathering at their tribe leader's place (that's what they call each of the groups - a tribe) .. We went to Vivocity for lunch and a bit of window shopping. At Toys R Us, Lauren and Emily decided that they wanted to get Claudia a birthday present and they shelled out $35 apiece to get her something. So sweet of them :)

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