Monday, July 23, 2012

Durians grow on trees

Yes, they do. Not in styrofoam boxes although personally, that's how I like them to be. We had been invited to go to a friend's family fruit plantation to pick durians and other fruit and man, it was really a fun and educational experience. And interesting too. The plantation was in Johor, Malaysia so we set off really early on Saturday morning to get there. We all went except my maid and Claudia who had to go to school (she was bummed).

Our friend was really nice. And informative too. He pointed out trees and what to do and not to do. And at the plantation, there was a small kampung house with a clean toilet and a sink to wash up. Very grateful for that.

The girls were covered up in long sleeves and long pants to prevent mozzies from biting. And mosquitoe patches and insect repellant was used.

Here are some pics. Lauren managed to find a durian all on her own. The girls really enjoyed the experience. And frankly speaking, I had never seen a durian tree before this. Or a mangosteen tree. Or a rambutan tree. Lol.

I was surprised no one was squeamish about trampling around in long grass with insects and mosquitoes and flies galore. They were happy to go traipsing around and explore and look at spiders and other insects.

We gathered a lot of durians. Daddy has been surviving on durians exclusively for the last few days. Haha.

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