Saturday, August 11, 2012


It was a school holiday yesterday. I was still slightly sick w the flu but didn't want the day to be a waste so I pressed on with the plans I made a week before.

I wanted to take them to watch Pixar's "Brave" .. I knew it would be an awesome movie.

We went down to Orchard Cineleisure and had lunch at BK then went in to watch the movie.

It was just the girls and me.

Charlotte is really well-behaved so I was confident she'd be ok in the theatre. I was right. She watched for a bit quietly. Then wanted me to nurse her and she fell asleep. I have conditioned my girls when they were babies to fall asleep regardless of their environment. So Charlotte had no problems napping.

Calista didn't really understand the movie (since she's only 3 plus) but she sat quietly and laughed at all the funny parts. She enjoyed herself for sure.

The movie was really good. The girls and I enjoyed it immensely. Daddy would've liked to come with us but he had to work that day. Bummer for him. He would've enjoyed the movie too.

We went shopping after that. I love walking around Orchard with my girls.

Hehe. Charlotte has this new way of grinning when I want to take a photo and I ask her to. It's darn funny. See the pics. She's really cheeky.

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