Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My poor girlie

Emily has always had a sensitive nose .. I was hoping it'd get better as she got older but of course that hasn't happened.

She has been having the flu for a few days. And on Sunday, she was coughing non-stop. At night her cough stopped. And I realized it was because her chest was tight and she was breathless. The next morning, we brought her to the pediatrician and she was suspected to be asthmatic. And the pediatrician warded her cos her condition only improved slightly after being on the nebulizer.

So my dotty spent the night in hospital. With her Daddy. Today will be the 2nd day .. While she looks a whole lot better, the treatment entails her being on the nebulizer every 2 hours, then today it's every 4 hours .. Only when it's 6 hour intervals then she will be discharged. My poor baby. I wish I could be the one with her but I have Charlotte at home and she can't sleep without me.

We all miss her .. Thank goodness for FaceTime :)

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