Saturday, November 24, 2012


One thing I always like to tell my friends with small kids is .. "Train your kids to throw up in a bucket" .. Ideally, his little beach bucket. It's small, portable and because its colorful .. It's somehow more acceptable for them to want to puke up into it.

From a certain age, toddlers who fall sick and end up coughing .. Inevitably end up puking from all the coughing. And there is nothing worse than puke either all over the floor, the bed or the worst .. in the car.

Plastic bags just don't cut it. I usually use the plastic bag to line the bucket and get my coughing kid to hold it or just keep it handy while traveling in the car. Then if the inevitable happens, the bag can just be thrown away .. And the bucket is clean to be used again with another plastic bag liner.

Come on, I'm clever ok?! I've saved myself and my maid countless times of clean ups .. Cos face it, when your kid wants to puke ... 9 out of 10 times, they are never going to make it to the bathroom in time. Trust me. As adults we barely make it there and even then, it's usually because we recognize the warning signs of a possible throw up. Kids? Not a chance.

Ok, my kids are all generally not pukey .. Except maybe Emily. She has a tendency to cough and she is asthmatic as well. So she has her own bucket which is always on her bed next to her IN CASE. Hey, I'd rather that .. Than having to wake up at 4 am to clean up a puked-fill bed.

Initially, your toddler or child will be against the idea. Which I don't understand really. They'll push the bucket away .. But just persist and explain that it's better than a dirty floor or bed. I guarantee you'll have an easier time with your sick child the next time. They will automatically wake up from sleep and reach for that bucket should the need arise. I haven't had to deal with dirty bed sheets for years. Even with 5 kids. And I don't worry about puking in my car as well. If someone has a cough, we just bring along that bucket. IN CASE.

Try it :)

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