Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chatty baby

While we didn't plan on having Baby No. 5 - and then we did, we have found Charlotte to be an absolute joy. Ok, not saying that had she been a difficult baby we would've have regretted it (lol) but it sure makes it easier when she's such a ray of sunshine most of the time.

She doesn't have bad moods. And she's really chatty and intelligent. At 2.5, she can pretty much hold a decent conversation. And she asks clever questions to boot. Today, as she was holding onto her My Little Pony figurine, she asked me how come the pony only had one eye. The figurine was made such that her mane fell over one eye this making it look like she was one-eyed. Since the mane was also made of moulded plastic, you couldn't just sweep it over the other side to reveal the hidden eye. 

I explained as simply as I could and just prayed she would either get it or drop the topic altogether. Lol. 

Here is my cutie. 

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