Thursday, January 28, 2016

A new year ..

Well, I am thoroughly ashamed of myself. 

My last post was in 2014? February? At the Airshow?! .. whatttttt??! The Hubby and I were just discussing how we didn't want to go this year. Lol. 

We are pretty sure the weather is going to be crappily hot. And well, honestly ..  once you seen an Airshow in the States..  the one here isn't so hot. Well, weather yes. Scarily so. Lol. 

The Airshow that I will always remember was the one at Canon Air Force Base in October 2002 I think. It was getting colder.. .we had just arrived from Singapore..  and man, it was awesome. 

The planes really flew low and the static display looked more impressive than what we have here. Well, that's what I remember, anyway.

Claudia celebrated her 17th Birthday and Charlotte celebrated her 5th Birthday before that. Exciting month. We won't see a birthday celebration in our family till July .. woo hoo! Eating birthday cake gets kinda old when you celebrate 8 birthdays in a year (inclusive of my maid's ) .. haha.

Here is a recent pic of my girls.

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