Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy baby :p

Calista is about 10.5 months old now ... 9.2kg and has 2 teeth :p She can't walk yet .. but she's moving around really fast crawling and pulling herself up to stand when she's at the bench and table. And still climbing UP the bench to the table.

And she lurves putting everything in her mouth. EVERY DAMN THING. I've had to dig bits of balloon .. a piece of plastic broken off from something .. and a rubber band from her mouth recently .. she's so fast when she spots something she wants to taste. arghhh! .. I swear my heart stops everytime I have to frantically dig her mouth for non-food items. It's not that my maid doesn't clean the floor well .. but I do have 3 other kids .. and they have plentiful of teeny toys too .. like Lego and Polly blardy Pocket - those things are really teeny, man.

She's really a cheerful baby and will laugh at almost everything. And she's a good eater. She'll eat most baby food .. even the yucky (to me lar) multigrain banana cereal .. lol ! And she tries to talk .. and we've heard her try to say "bye bye" a few times already. And no, she still can't call me "mummy" yet .. she calls me "Eh" .. HAHAHAH ! .. Or she just hollers.
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snowie gal said...

Hey gal! It's been such a long time since i left a note in ur blog! :)

I agree it's heart stopping to be pulling things out from our baby's mouth. My ger oso like to put stuff into her mouth. I have so far taken out bits of paper, tissue paper, a 3M small plastic part, a small bit of torn plastic bag!!!

Nowadays, I'm careful to spot where she is and make sure she dun put stuff in her mouth!