Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, my darling Calista !!

We had lunch at Chili's at Tanglin mall on Sunday after church to celebrate Calista's first birthday. Calista was a happy lil chicky even though she didn't get to eat anything there :)

After lunch, we walked around a bit ... parking was per entry so we took our time. Lol !

Yes. these 2 lil scamps love the kiddt rides aka coin suckers. I oblige them once in a while to keep them happy.

Gawd only knows WHERE on earth she picked up that habit of posing in pics this way with her fingers like that .. reminds me of those Jap/Korean tourists *sigh*

My baby and me .. :) we were at Macs having a drink before heading home.

Pn her birthday on Monday .. Calista is now 9.5 kg :)

Her cake .. nothing fancy since we decided not to have a party :)

Being warned repeatedly NOT TO TOUCH THE CAKE !! .. lol.

After the cake cutting, I let her hold the knife for photo taking.


Candace said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday,Calista :)

Angie Peijun said...

She's so pretty. I love her big round eyes.