Friday, November 27, 2009

Random stuff ...

To my complete happiness .. I FINALLY have ONE very girly girl .. ok, she still loves playing computer games and her skate scooter .. but the little aunty lurves wearing SHINY, SEQUIN-Y stuff ... hahahahha !!! U can't really tell from this photo, but her sandals are so damn shiny with little bits of shiny flowers, it's just .. SHINY .. lol !!

And a friend just gave her that little tote bag she's carrying .. Barbie and the 3 Musketeers I think ... she carries it like a little makcik !! lol !!
Emily also is kinda girlie .. but she's all about comfort so she'd rather DIE than wear uncomfortable makcik sandals .. give her her Gap sneakers or her Crocs anytime.
Claudia in one of her new tees that Daddy got her recently from the States .. "someday I'll be famous" ... that u will, my dear !! :)
hehehe .. she loves having her photo taken .. at a recent family photoshoot, the photographer thought she was really cute and took some solo shots of her for free .. hahahah ! She happily obliged the man :p and trotted after him to where he wanted her to pose. We could see her the whole time .. and she enjoyed herself immensely .. hahahah !! so vain !!
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Meekfreek said...

All of your girls are very pretty. Can't believe Calista is almost 1!

kristalangel said...

Thanks, meekfreek :) your lil girl is just lovely too I must say :p
Yes, I can't believe Calista is almost ONE too. Time sure flies.

Meekfreek said...

Happy Birthday Calista!