Saturday, March 27, 2010

Camp was fun

Claudia enjoyed camp immensely. Thank goodness. I wasn't a big fan of camping ever. When the school band had an overnight camp in school when I was in sec 1, I thought it was a huge hassle to lug my clothes, toiletries etc. Ugh.

Claudia was full of stories about her time at camp. They did rock climbing and played lots of games. She had lots of fun with her friends, eating, playing and sleeping together.

They were required to bring their own plate, cup and eating utensils for those couple of days. Now that it's over, Claudia has decided to continue using the stuff she brought there.

Yes, they're all metal. Emily asked me last evening at dinner why Claudia didn't like her Hello Kitty plate any more. Lol!

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Meekfreek said... cute. Wonderful memories for her.