Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beach, Mummy

See that face? Every single time the girl holds ANY beach toy .. be it a spade or watering can, or bucket, the first words out of her mouth are, "Mummy, I want go beach" ..

SO, since the beach isn't at our door step and I have many many criteria before we go to one (like it must be a clean beach, not a dirty one, and it mustn't be hot when we're there, or raining ... duh) .. I have decided to purchase a Sand and Water table for her .. ELC sells Play Sand (a 10kg bag costs $20) ..
Hope she enjoys it .. then she can QUIT bugging me to go to the beach and she can play sand right here at home.

I know The Hubby will think it's a super bad idea to have SAND in the house .. but I have a plan. I intend to set up the table in my ultra huge master bedroom bathroom. To CONTAIN the mess the sand will inevitably make .. Times like these, I wished we had a balcony.

Will post pics once I have the table set up and the sand poured in. Won't be soon though .. ELC isn't nearby or anything .. gotta wait till I'm in town.

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