Friday, October 28, 2011

But of cos ..

Yes, so I've pretty much given up on trying to feed Charlotte rice cereal. Or any kind of baby food that is in a powder form that requires hot water and/or formula to reconstitute to form a porridge like consistency. The girl hates it. And she can smell it a mile away. And refuse to eat it.


So once again (yes, this has happened 4 times before) .. I am back to buying Heinz baby food in jars. She also loves Rafferty's Garden. That is some good stuff man .. And the packaging is wonderful. Those metallic foil type pouches .. So easy to carry around. And I don't even need a bowl. I just squeeze it straight onto a spoon thanks to their unique spout system! I sure am taking motherhood to new heights (or new lows .. whichever) ... Lol ! She loves the breakfast range which is rice cereal mixed with fruits. And also the smoothies - as a snack after lunch or dinner. So easy !!!

If u have a little one, I highly recommend Rafferty's Garden !! 


Snowymum said...

i wish they brought in the "meat" series too...

kristalangel said...

ya, man .. I was on the Rafferty's Garden looking at their other stuff that NTUC doesn't sell. Bummer.