Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sleeping Beauty ... NOT!

Ah yes. Every single time I'm out shopping, I pray Charlotte will behave ie just sit in her pram quietly. Actually, I want her to sleep. Sleep the whole outing through. That would be awesome. I would be able to eat in peace, shop in peace, have coffee and cake in peace and chat w my friend in peace.

But that is not the case unfortunately. Most times, she needs to eat (duh) or just generally be awake. Apparently, babies DON'T sleep 3/4 of the day. Whoever told you that babies will sleep almost all day was lying. You'd think I know better it being my 5th time around doing this baby thing and all but apparently not. Hope lies everlasting. Either that or I'm just plain old dumb. Haha! Or senile. Most likely both. *sigh*

So check out our photos from our Vivocity outing today after church. See her unhappy little face at being dumped into her Phil and Teds stroller. Blardy thing cost me 1k. And she bawls after awhile in it cos she'd rather I carry her. In the $45.90 sling. The problem with that is that my body feels like breaking from her weight (she's almost 10 kg or more I think) after awhile. I'd rather she bawl in the stroller. Lol. At least my 37.5 year old body won't suffer.

Let me look through Groupon for a body massage offer now. Lol.

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