Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Calista

I was sick as hell last week. And I also realized that I had arranged to go to a friend's place on Calista's birthday. No matter, I thought. It was a good friend and I was going to bring the girls anyway .. So I wanted to buy a cake and have Calista blow out the candles there so we could all have cake for tea. Little did I know .. My friend had out up birthday banners and balloons and insisted on buying the cake. We almost wrestled in front of the shop. Haha. Anyway, she's a sweetie. I was frankly still quite weak from the flu so I really couldn't much aside from getting a cake for the little girl.

The girls had a swell time at her place. As did I. Tracey and I can yabber on and on and not get bored. Lol.

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