Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For freeeeeeeeeeee!

Yesterday was "free cone day" at Ben and Jerry's. The outlet at the zoo is the nearest for us .. And after much debate, I decided to just bring the girls down and forget about homework and spelling for the afternoon.

It was awesome. Not just the free ice cream. It was enjoyable, staff was very friendly and cheerful and it was fun queuing up .. Hehe. I had my 4 girls with me .. Lauren was in school unfortunately. Anyway, we had ice cream then went into the zoo for a nice walk. We all really enjoyed ourselves. The zoo was relatively empty and the weather was good. We came back out an hour and a half later and managed to queue for 2nd round of ice cream. It was another good day with my girls. I'm happy that they're happy. And Charlotte happily sat in her stroller the whole time. How awesome is that ??!

Emily got to feed the giraffes. So did Claudia. Calista WANTED to but backed out at the last minute. Lol. Little chicken. Admittedly though, the giraffes are huge up close. And they had these long tongues. Hahaha! No wonder the girl was scared.

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