Friday, March 30, 2012


I know I've been slack when it comes to blogging here. In between the chauffeuring, the parenting, the maid training, facebooking, Draw Something and instagramming (which is where I mostly post pics of my girls) .. It pretty much leaves no time for me to blog.

Plus it's just way easier to upload pics and caption them with one liners on Instagram :p

Lauren is doing well in primary 2. I hardly have to sit with her to do anything. She can manage very well. She was picked to be a "junior leader" - the lower primary version of a prefect. She is neat in her work and seriously, aside from testing her for spelling (which Daddy does) where she studies and memorizes the spelling words on her own anyway. The girl pretty much does everything on her own. She has an excellent memory and seldom forgets instructions issued by her teacher.

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