Saturday, June 4, 2011

Babies are a joy

Yea, they are. I love hugging and cuddling them. Charlotte is a real sweetie pie. Charlotte sleeps with us and she is awesome. She falls asleep at about 8-9 pm and stays asleep all the way till 4am or so .. I nurse her once and that's it. Even then we both don't really wake up. She makes a half crying kinda sound ... I sorta wake up enough to pull her close to nurse her and then we both fall back to sleep. I love co-sleeping. She stays asleep till at least 9plus am. It's awesome. She doesn't wake up at 3 am wanting to play and such. I'm so eternally grateful for that. Lol.

See her happy face when she wakes up? She loves sleeping next to me. When she was a newborn, I'd often have to cuddle her to sleep. And then she'd sleep soundly. It didn't take long for her to drop that habit once she knew she was sleeping next to me.

I recommend sleep sharing to all my good friends. It is the easiest way for your baby to gain that confidence and feel that security he needs when he's asleep next to u. And baby stays asleep longer and seldom or doesn't get up at all at night. Even afternoon naps, baby naps longer if we nap together as opposed to chucking her on the bed on her own.

And don't worry that baby may be in your bed forever. What's forever? U think your kid will want to be sleeping with u when he's 10? I have my kids sleeping w me on average till they're about 3 years old or so. And I've never regretted it. They become very confident people and I love the time just before they fall asleep to cuddle or just share a thought or 2. Last night, before she fell asleep .. Calista told me again that she really liked her new sandals I got her.

So sweet ;)

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