Monday, June 6, 2011

The school holidays ..

Have begun !! Yippee! For me that is. Some respite from the dreariness of chauffeuring the kids up n down to school. Phew!

We have done a couple of things so far. One of the things we've done is bowling. Man, my girls enjoy that. Especially in the company of friends. My friend's condo has a small bowling alley with 2 lanes (how cool is that?!) and she booked it one evening for us to have a go at it. Here are some pics.

My friend, Tracey .. The pro bowler like me .. NOT. lol :p

Calista was bored to death. Lol :p

Hahaha! Charlotte's first time in a bowling alley! 4 months old !!

Claudia was too shy to bowl.

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