Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blessed ..

Charlotte, just like my other 4 girls before her .. is indeed a joy to look after. Very easy going and she doesn't wake up at the crack of dawn. I am so not a morning person. I am more of a night owl. Thankfully, Charlotte is asleep before 9pm, usually by 8.25 she's out like a light .. But I am awake till 3 am most days. I like to watch tv or surf the net at that hour. It's so peaceful and quiet.

So having fallen asleep at 3.30am, there is no way on this earth that I can wake up at 8am .. Much less the crack of dawn. Lol. And Charlotte, having been sleeping through the night at an early age already (she could sleep through at 2 months old) wakes up sleepily to drink milk at 6 plus or so then quickly falls back to sleep till 10 or so or whenever I wake up. It is simply awesome. I am grateful I don't have kids that wake up at freaking 6am. I would DIE.

Charlotte has very short catnaps during the day. Or she will nap longer if I'm napping with her. Also awesome. Lol :p it gives me a good reason to sleep with her in the afternoons.

I think a large part of it is due to sleep sharing. Charlotte sleeps with me on my bed. It is the single most wonderful decision we made as parents. Lol. Babies/toddlers sleep so much better and longer. And they don't wake up at all in the night !!! I had a bit of that with Claudia cos she used to sleep in her cot initially (first time parents that we were we thought it was essential a baby sleeps in her cot) .. And she used to her up at 2/3 am thinking it was play time. Lol.

I didn't have any such issues with the rest cos they slept w me from the start.

Plus, I love cuddling Charlotte in the mornings when she gets up :)

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