Monday, March 19, 2012

I hate glitter

SOMEONE and I can't recall WHO .. gave Lauren a tattoo kit for Christmas last year. That was absolutely fine BUT it was a tattoo kit using GLITTER. Man, I hate the stuff. It gets everywhere and stays around for a long time to come. The hubby has gone to work with glitter on his work clothes before. Not cool apparently if it's on his flight suit. Hahaha!
So anyway, I had found all sorts of reasons why Lauren shouldn't open the pack yet. And not bad, that lasted 3 months. She looked at it a few times and asked to open it and I always had a darn good excuse. Of course when the holidays came around, there was no reason when she couldn't open the box and try it out. Damn.

I, of course, insisted that I be the one to actually apply the glitter first. After that, when I realized it wasn't going to matter WHO applied the glitter - it was going to get everywhere - I let Lauren use it. The girls, were thrilled with it. But of course. It's shiny and colorful - what's not to like?! And they had fun admiring their tattoos. Of course, when Monday rolled around and they had to wash it off, I still saw glitter on Charlotte's face today. AFTER her bath. And she didn't have a tattoo on her prior to that. It was only Lauren, Emily and Calista that had tattoos on. Glitter is evil. Lol.

Here is a pic of the tattoos I did for them using the stencils provided.

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