Sunday, March 18, 2012

One week holidays - part 2

So the first 2 days were spent with good friends .. The next half was spent with their Daddy. He had taken 2 days off to hang out with us. So on Thursday, we went to the zoo. Yes, the blinking zoo again. Lol.

On Friday, we went to the beach at East Coast Park .. I finally had a chance to test out my 7 foot SPF100 beach umbrella that I bought. It is lovely. And useful. I didn't get a tan at all. The girls, while they did darken somewhat, it was kept to a minimum as I fastidiously kept reapplying sunblock every 10 minutes or so. I would run out from under the protective shade of my brolly and slap on more sunblock on them as they played in the sans. I was really pleased my efforts were worth it. No one got sunburnt !! At all! Yea to SPF55!

The girls and I had such an awesome one week. Can't wait for June !!

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