Thursday, November 26, 2009

Calista's new toys ...

When Daddy was in the States, I got him to buy stuff for the girls .. how, u ask? .. Well, there's a Wal-mart EVERYWHERE in the States ... and they're like Carrefour but WAYYYYYYYY bigger .. and they have EVERYTHING. I used to LURVE shopping at Wal-mart when we were living there. So, I surfed on the Wal-mart website ... picked out the stuff I wanted, then printed out a list complete with COLOUR photos. lol.

I highly recommend the following toys .. I haven't seen them here YET .. but look out for them .. especially the Leapfrog one. The tunes are catchy and you will find yourself singing them to your baby :p

1. Vtech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo .. US$15 (before taxes)

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn™ Learning Vacuum™ US$19.88 (before taxes) .. this one was on offer and it's pretty big. Thankfully it fit into hubby's Samsonite.

3. Leapfrog Learn & Groove® Radio US$19 (before taxes) -- this one is quite nice .. and the songs are very catchy .. and it has an option to switch to Spanish so your little one can sing in Spanish too .. lol !!

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snowie gal said...

Hey, I have the first one. It's pretty nice and weel abused by my darling. She will try to pull out monkey if possible. :P