Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pink and brown :)

I love this onesie ... yes, it's polka dots .. but I like the combination of PINK and BROWN. And the cupcake on the front is sooo sweet :)

When Calista is busy with PAPER, there's no distracting her .. I kept calling her name ... but she was oblivious ...
Finally, I snatched the thing away from her .. and waved it above my camera .. hahahaha !!
Lauren in her ballet outfit .. she has her Grover with her ... apparently they need it in class .. I have no idea WHAT they need a plush toy for and WHY though. lol ! Lauren had been taking ballet lessons since she was 3 .. :p
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snowie gal said...

Nice... I like the combi... I saw the same colour combination at Tangs that day. It's dark brown with pink polka dots. Was so tempted to buy the outfit... But hb was not v interested... *sobs*