Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cheeky and ...

See that cheeky face? .. Miss Cheeky is now 2.5 years old and she is at what people call the "terrible 2s" stage.

"Calista, it's bath time" .. "No, I don't want to bathe" .. "Yes, go bathe NOW" .. "No" .. *crying and howling begins* And it doesn't happen SOMETIMES. It's happening almost everyday. Especially in the mornings. Man, I have to jump out of bed wielding my cane and wave it at her before she takes her bath. I am usually still asleep but I can HEAR her refusing to bathe when my maid tells her to. I quickly get up to settle the matter and then grumpily lie back down. LOL.

When she isn't being a little pain, she's quite sweet and funny ... she CANNOT for the life of her remember "Hello Kitty" and calls the little character, "Kitty Phone" .. initially, I was stumped as hell as to why she called it that .. and then I realized .. she associates the word "Hello" with the telephone. And she thinks when we say, "Hello Kitty" .. we are greeting the darn thing. Well, that's rather clever of her cos who would think that "Hello Kitty" is a NAME. Hahaha !

She is rather like Claudia and is more quiet and reserved but having many kids mean they always have each other and she LOVES following her big sisters so when Lauren and Emily are friendly to strangers, she is likely to follow suit.

I really can't believe that she's going to be 3 years old this November. Man, where has the time gone? .. 

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