Sunday, August 7, 2011

Emily and her bling ..


lol :p FINALLY, I have ONE girl that lurves bling-ing herself up. Emily will ensure she is maxed out on accessories before leaving the house. Actually, scratch that. The little aunty will also be decked out like a Christmas tree even at home. I love seeing her wearing all her stuff. She's totally at ease with it and with herself. And she tops it all off with her Dora high heeled sandals. It's really cute to see her tottering away in her shoes and all dressed up to boot.

Lauren likes to look nice too. She prefers wearing makeup and generally wants to look nice and neat. Although Claudia was never a tomboy, she shied away from too-girly stuff growing up .. Now, she's more comfortable with herself and being older, is in no way like Emily (lol!).
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